Apply for Funding

Each year Kids in Rossendale allocates funding to support individual young people living within the Rossendale Borough.

What is the money for?

The money is given to individual young people for a variety of purposes such as:

  • Activities which lead to improvements in your health and well being through lifestyle choices ie: Sports or Dance classes
  • Making a positive contribution to your community and society, ie: Scouts, Guides etc. Gaining recognised certificates or qualifications to support this.
  • Any other purpose acceptable to the Charity Committees.

Other wider personal development opportunities and activities such as making a positive use of your spare time, Youth Group abroad/trips and social events will be considered, but will be given lower priority consideration and may only receive partial or reduced funding.

The grants will normally be small in scale, one-off or short term in nature. This funding is to give financial help if you can’t access it anywhere else.

Who can apply?

The charitable trust aims to provide support to disadvantaged children within the Rossendale area. The realms of disadvantage may include socioeconomic, ill health, disability or simple circumstance. If a child is disadvantaged and therefore not able to enjoy the same life chances or opportunities as any other child then they would be eligible for funding from the charity.

If you are a young person living in Rossendale under the age of 18 you can apply for funding.

How much is available?

You can apply for any amount up to £150. Most grants will probably be less than this though and only if there is clear evidence of need will we give the maximum amount.

Who can help you apply?

A adult supporter from a recognised organisation e.g. school, Girl Guides, Youth Group, karate Group, Swimming Club, Football Club etc.

We don’t pay grant money directly to young people, so if you are successful the grant money will be paid into the organisation’s account. We may consider buying items on your behalf if that helps.

How to apply?

You will not be given the grant directly, so first find an adult from your recognised organization who is willing to support you. They will be responsible for the money you apply for and for providing evidence that the money has been spent in accordance with the terms and conditions of the grant.

You must show that you have discussed the need for the funding with an independent adult and have tried other sources of funding which may be available.

You must apply for funding before your project takes place as we will not fund applications to cover expenditure already made.